Two courses are offered in the College:

1. Two Year B.Ed. Course .
2. Degree Major Course in Education (Semester System) from the Session 2016-17 affiliated under Guwahati University

1.Two Year B.Ed. Course ,(Effective from 2015-16 Academic Session)M/b>

1. Rules and Regulations

1. The structure of the present syllabus is relevant to face to face and regularmode of education only.
2. A Candidate may be allowed to appear in the Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)Examination provided that after passing B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. or M.A. M.Sc./M. Com. Examination of this University or of any other University,with at least 50% (45% for SC/ST/OBC) marks, recognized for this purpose,he/she has prosecuted for not less than 2 years, a regular course of study inthe subjects offered by him/her in a college affiliated to this University forthis purpose and has in addition, undergone a course of practical training asindicated below : Every candidate shall be examined in the following subjects: .

Admission Procedure:

Gauhati University invites application from interested candidate for entrance test conducted by the University for the B.Ed. course. After qualifying in the entrance test, a candidate is eligible for admission in Gauhati university affiliated Ramesh Chandra Saharia Teachers Training College with an annual intake of 100.
As per the approved regulations’ of Gauhati University a candidate possessing at least 50% marks in the aggregate at BA/B Se/B. com (10+2+3 pattern) or an MA/M.Sc/M.Com. degree of a recognized University is eligible for admission into the B.Ed. programme, provided the applicant has offered at least two school subjects at the first/or second year degree level. There is a relaxation of 5% marks for the candidates belonging to ST/SC/OBC/MOBC.

*Migration and Eligibility Criteria

Students from university other than Gauhati University shall have to produce Migration Certificate at the time of admission. They must also obtain Eligibility Certificate from the Gauhati University by paying required fees. At present eligibility and registration fee for students from the universities within the state are Rs. 1000 /- (Rupees One Thousand) only and Rs. 2000/- (Rupees Two Thousand) only respectively. For the students from the universities outside the state of Assam, the eligibility and registration fees are Rs. 7500 /- (Rupees Seven Thousand and Five Hundred) only and Rs. 2000 /- (Rupees Two Thousand) only respectively..

Admission will be made through a common entrance examination conducted by Gauhati University.

2.Marks Distribution and Syllabus

3. Rules of Examination results

(a) Marks of external & internal examination will not be shown separately.
(b) A candidate, in order to pass, must obtain at least 40% marks in aggregate i.e. a total of 560 marks out of 1400 marks.
(c) A candidate will have to secure at least 40 % marks in individual paper.
(d) A candidate who secures below 40 % in one individual paper but if he/she secures aggregate 40% will be allowed to reappear in the examination as a back paper. (Maximum two back papers will be allowed)
(e) Candidates securing at least 840 or 60% marks shall be declared to have obtained a First Class.
(f) Candidates securing marks between 560 to 839 (both inclusive) shall be declared to have obtained a Second Class.
(g) A candidate who fails to pass or present himself for the B.Ed.
Examination shall not be entitled to claim a refund of the examination fee nor will such fee be carried over for subsequent examination.
(h) If a student after completion of a regular B.Ed course and after having obtained his/her admit card does not appear in the B.Ed Final examination for some unavoidable reason, he/she may appear in the next subsequent examination as a non-collegiate and will be required to pay the prescribed fees.
(i) If a candidate
(I) fails in theory part only
(II) fails in Practical part only
(III) fails to secure pass marks in assignment paper (s)
but otherwise eligible (i.e. 40% out of 1400) to pass the B.Ed Examination will be given a chance to re-appear or submit the report within two years to clear his/her paper(s)/Practical/report/assignment. But the candidate must take casual admission(s) for the year(s) and pay all the prescribed fees for the subsequent examination(s). If a candidate fails in only one theory paper in the third year from the year of his/her admission he/she shall have a chance to reappear in that paper only in the immediate next year. Results of all such candidates will be declared as per clause 3. (b), 3. (e) & 3. (f)

2.Degree Major Course in Education (Semester System)

R.C. Saharia T.T. College. Tangla has introduced Degree Major Course in Education (Semester System) from the Session 2016-17 with permission and affiliated under Guwahati University.

Combination in Degree Major Course in Education

Major Subject :Education (EDN)
Seats: 30
Combination of Elective Subject (Select Any one Group)

  1. Eng, MIL/Alt. Eng, Elective Assamese
  2. Eng, MIL/Alt. Eng, Elective Bodo
  3. Eng, MIL/Alt. Eng, History
  4. Eng, MIL/Alt. Eng, Sociology

Regulation of Three Year Degree Course

A THREE YEAR DEGREE COURSE IN EDUCATION MAJOR shall be of SIX SEMESTER covering three years, The schedule for Semester System shall be as follows :
A. FISRT, THIRD &FIFTH Semester (Including Admission & Examinations) : 1st July to 31st December
B. SECOND, FOURTH & SIXTH semester(Including Examination): 1st January to 30th June
D. Semester BREAK/Summer Vacations:1st July to 31st July

Academic Calendar and Schedule for Semester System (GU)

A. Admission : by June/July
B. I) Semester I/III/V Classes : August- December
Ii) Seasonal Examination I : September
iii) Seasonal Examination II : November
iv) END Semester Examination : November- December
(Including Preparation for Examination):
v) Announcement of Results : by January
C. SEMEASTER BREAK : 1st July to 31st July
D. Semester II/IV/VI Classes : January-June
Seasonal Examination-I : February
Seasonal Examination-II : April
End Semester Examination : to be Completed by June 30th
The exact date of the Seasonal Examinations shall be fixed by the concerned Teacher’/Colleges and Final Semester Examinations by the controller of Examinations Gauhati university. The Controller of Examination would announce the results. .

List of students admitted into B.Ed Cource for the session 2015